About Mi

After leaving school I never really thought about what I wanted to do, so my mum told me to do a business administration apprenticeship, I realised in the first 10 minutes, WTF am I doing here, after a few months I decided to leave. The following year I did a variety of jobs/courses, I would list them but I’m not about to turn out an essay. I then realised that working for someone else or further education was definitely not for me, so I then decided to come up with new product ideas (some ideas crazier than others). Driving home one day with my mum, I came up with a rucksack with a twist, and because she actually liked the idea and was between jobs, we decided there and then ‘WHY NOT’. Months passed with lots of, fabric samples, waiting, prototypes, waiting, meetings, waiting, you get the idea, ARMA-MI finally opened.